About Me

Hola! I am Branson, a harlequin Great Dane living in NW Puerto Rico. My favorite things to do are eat, sleep, chase birds, and go to the beach to search for coconuts. I LOVE coconuts, not only do they smell delicious, but they make great toys! I also love to go on road trips with my parents around the island. They take me lots of places and even let me swim in the ocean if they are close by. I hope that you enjoy following my adventures.

I love meeting new people around the island. As you can imagine, a big guy like me gets lots of attention. People always ask my humans a lot of questions. Here are some FAQ below:

1. Is Branson a dalmatian?
No, I am a Great Dane all the way, and my coloring is called Harelquin.

2. How much does he eat?
I am a growing boy and I eat three meals a day. I eat 2 1/2 cups at each meal, so I eat over 7 cups of food a day!

3. Do you have to feed him a special food?
Great Danes have many health issues and need a high quality food. My parents feed me a grain-free food made in Canada called Orijen 6Fish. Can you believe they have it shipped all the way to Puerto Rico? Read more HERE.

4. Does he sleep in your bed?
I wished! My parents have a big bed and I would fit on it nicely. They have bought me two beds so far. One now stays in my car for our road trips and the other is where I sleep at home. My bed is next to my mommy at night.

5. Why the name Branson?
I am named after a really cool guy. Read all about it HERE.

Please contact me if you have a question. You can comment on my blog, visit me on Facebook, or email my mom at sunblisslife@yahoo.com and she will make sure I get your message.

Bark at you again soon...

***Update-as you may know, my daddy is in the military and we now are living in Florida!  I keep telling my mommy that she needs to post more, as I have tons of adventures since moving here.  I can't wait to tell you how I got here from Puerto Rico!

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