March 23, 2011

My First Hotel Visit

View from my suite
This past weekend my dad completed the half Ironman in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since my parents were busy and didn't plan ahead, my usual petsitter was booked up. Silly humans! Now my parents are a bit overprotective and are afraid to leave me alone with just anyone, so they decided to try to take me with them. They knew I would want to spend the days at doggie daycare, but they wanted me to stay with them in a real human hotel at night! FUN! So my mom spent hours online and on the phone trying to find a place that would take a big boy like me! Many of the smaller hotels and inns were booked up, so she finally decided to call one of the bigger chains. One of them that has an 80 lb. doggie limit agreed to allow me to stay anyway. Mommy was sure to explain to them that I was an exceptional-sized dog, but they said it was ok. I guess they heard that I was somebody and am actually getting to be quite famous on the island! She was a bit worried that I was going to freak out the hotel guests, but of course they loved me, and I got my picture made a bunch!! Look at what the hotel people left for me to use....
I love the pet bowls and drool mat, I don't slobber that much (no really, I promise), but it sure does look cute.  Look at the adorable little pillow they left for my head! I really only like my own bed and blanket, but mommy put it next to my bed in case I changed my mind. She snuggled on it next to me for awhile and said it was comfy. Of course I am too big for some silly little pillow, but it was a nice thought. 
I loved spending the night away from home with my parents. It was quite the adventure. I even got to watch my daddy swim in the Ironman competition before I went to daycare. Of course I wanted to jump in and go swim to him, but mom said it was too far! I do get to swim at daycare, can you believe they have a pool for dogs? I will have to show you some other time...
I have to say it was all an adventure!! I love San Juan and all the people there. Be sure to visit if you have a chance. Puerto Rico is a cool place. Bark at you soon. 


  1. How fun! And what a cute pillow the hotel left out for you!
    Congratulations to your dad!

  2. what an adventure Branson! I bet u had a great time!

  3. What a nice story. What a beautiful dog. Nice to see him living a good life!

  4. How lucky ! Looks like you had an amazing time !
    Thank you very much for your comments on my blog, and no, I don't try to eat my sticks I just like to hold them in my mouth proudly and when I got one then it can last for quite a long time !


  5. Hi Brandon! What a great adventure you had. I hope your mom and dad will take you on more trips in the future. It's so much fun!

  6. Did you stay at the Sheraton Old San Juan? Just wondering so I can let other big dog people know.
    Congrats to your Dad. He must be really fit to do that crazy race!


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