April 9, 2011

Branson and Chunky go to the Beach

The other day my parents loaded me up in the back of my car along with our beach stuff....
Even with the beach chairs, my bed, toys, and my water cooler I still have plenty of room. I LOVE my car! Sometimes my parents and their friends have to keep their stuff up front and it gets crowded, but I still have it made in the back! 

Once we got going they told me we were picking up my friend Chunky! I love little Chunky, he is so much fun to play with. Look at how excited I was to hear the news...
I even had room for Chunky to ride in the back with me, if I could convince his parents to let him. I hope they don't think I will squish him with my big bottom. I know I am a big guy, but I am gentle. Plus, he is my best buddy, I wouldn't hurt him.  Guess what? 
Woo-hoo, they let us both in the back! We had so much fun playing around, but occasionally we had to see what our humans were up to in the front. Isn't Chunky cool? If we could talk we would have been asking, "Are we there YET?" We were getting pretty hot from all the wrestling around. Look at our tongues...
So, we finally made it to the beach and it was so beautiful. I couldn't wait to get in and cool off from the ride. Look at that water....
I jumped right in and swam out to my daddy. I am like a little fish, well more like a big fish! You can hardly see my dad, but I promise he is behind me. (Mom apologizes for the spots on the picture..she was using the underwater camera and it must have had sand or something on it). 
Now Chunky is a bit younger than me and still getting use to the water. His parents try to get him in sometimes, but he doesn't like it too much yet. I also tried to play with him in the ocean, but sometimes I get too excited and get carried away. He has plenty of time to decide if swimming is his thing, so we decided to hang out a little in the shade and relax. 
We ended up eating our lunch and then taking a little nap while our humans spent some time in the water. They let me get one more swim in before we packed up. It was such a fun day with my friend Chunky. You will learn more about him as I keep blogging, he is a great little guy! I hope to see him soon for more island adventures. 
If you want to read more about the beach, Playa Sucia, click HERE.
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Until we bark again,


  1. Branson, you and Chunky look so handsome in these pictures!! It looks like you had a blast! Chunky told me he wants to hang out in the beach with you again!

  2. HI Branson,

    Wow you sure do get to do cool things like go to the nice beach. How long will you guys be in PR?

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  3. Hello my furiend !

    I loved all the pictures - I do wish I could just come and visit where you live, it looks awesome plus I'm sure we would become great buddies ! My humans said they love the picture of you and your friend in the car with both your tongue sticking out :-)
    BTW, Yes there are many wineries in Mallorca but my humans are like yours they said it is only a human thing... ah, well...

    TAlk to you soon and hope you are doing great,



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