April 4, 2011

Branson the Great Dane Goes Shopping

I know to some of you other cat and dogs (wait...do I have any cat fans out there?) it may not be a big deal to go to the pet store, but for me it is a major event. Most people have never seen a dog my size and many of them want to pet me or take my picture, so it can create quite a scene. The store was crowded yesterday and I had to do lots of posing for the cameras, but I don't mind at all. WOOF! Mom and dad think it is good for me to get the socialization, whatever that means, but I just think it is fun to get all the attention....
It almost looks like I am in a zoo with all the humans behind the glass, what do you think? Although I love people I also LOVE other dogs, especially the small kind. I got to hang out with this one for awhile. Too bad we didn't have a chance to play...I bet we could have ran really fast through that store. I am sure the humans wouldn't never let that happen! Come on, we wouldn't knock anything over...
After the pet store we headed down to Condado to go to Mercado Urbano. You can read all about the market on my mommy's blog Sun Kissed Bliss. She said it was a great place to get all kinds of fresh products made here on the island, but the only bad things is they wouldn't let dogs in the park area where the market was. Can you believe it, no dogs on the grass?? Grass was made for dogs, right? The cops said I had to stay on the sidewalk, but I got as close as I could to the line....
After my parents took turns going into the market we rode over to Old San Juan. I got to see all of these humans flying kites at the park and then we walked around the town. I meet lots of very nice people, both tourists and residents, and even some children that gave me hugs! I am very gentle with kids, so they love me!
I had a fun day with the family and I am sure I will be in San Juan again soon. Hopefully we will go to the pet store again and I can see some of my new friends!

Until we bark again,
Branson the Great Dane 


  1. Luna LOVES her outing to the pet store!

  2. heheheh it did look like you were on display!

  3. Bummer, I didn't know you were in town. We could have met up and let the pups have a run.

  4. Hi Branson - looks like you had a great day! I know just what you mean about all that attention from people and picture taking - my humans sometimes think I must be on every mobile phone in Australia - ha! ha!

    I think it's great that your humans take you out to different places - my humans really believe in the importance of that socialisation thing. They're always still trying to expose me to new stuff - even though I'm already a senior doggie! :-)

    But I so agree - it's so unfair how many places don't allow doggies! I sometimes wish we lived in Europe where doggies are allowed to accompany their humans to so many places!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. If you ever go out to dinner with Mom and Dad... You are more than welcome at La Casa de los Pastelillos in Guayama.... Let me know so I can bring my dane to meet you


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