November 19, 2010

Adventures in Rincon

Today when mom and dad put me in the car I was a little angry. The last few trips really haven't been that much fun. A few weeks ago we went to San Juan and I had to stay on the leash the whole time, as there are lots of cars around. The next long car trip was to Seaglass beach, but it got dark like ten minutes later and we had to leave. Blah! So this time I wasn't very hopeful, but boy was I wrong! The first stop we made was at a new beach in a place called Rincon. I have never been there, although mom said it was where her and dad got married. That was before me, or else you know I would have been the ring bearer! There was lots of people around to stare at me and comment on how lindo (pretty for a boy) and grande (large) I was. I got lots of attention and they let me off the leash. I got to run around and daddy chased me some, plus I got to play with my favorite tropical ball (coconut). Fun!!! I also got to meets some surfer dudes and a pretty lady surfer, and they were really nice. I am not sure they had ever seen a Great Dane before, but they said I was really gentle.

Next, we went to this really cool house called Caracol Che. It was really fancy, but the best part was I meet this awesome dog named Nero. He was big like me, they called him a Cane Corso. I got to play with him for like an hour, while mom and dad talked to Nero's owner. They did boring people stuff, but Nero and I ran and chased each other, he is really strong and I hope we go back there real soon. I hope all you dogs out there are having lots of doggie treats, belly rubs, and naps! Bark at you soon!

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