November 5, 2010

Big Boy Pants

Hola everyone, my name is Branson. I am so excited, my mommy told me I am finally old enough to start my blog. I have been dying to tell you all about the life I am living here in Puerto Rico, man I am one lucky pooch! Wait until you see all the cool adventures I get to go on, and the fun beaches my parents take me to everyday. They let me swim all I want, which is good because it is always hot here, and sometimes they even let me on the paddle board. I am pretty spoiled, right now I am listening to the waves and lying on one of my comfy beds on the balcony, it even has my name on it. I feel very fortunate to have such a great home, as there are so many dogs on my island that don't have a good place to sleep at night or food to eat. They are called Satos and I will tell you more about them later.
I was born in Puerto Rico and have lived here for all 7 months of my life. My birth mom's name is Pinta, that is her in the picture with me when I was only 5 weeks old. Mom and Dad took it when they came to visit me, I was too young to go to home with them, but they would check on me often. I also have 7 sibling, but I don't remember much about them. I think my brother was pretty cool, but my sisters use to gang up on me and were quite annoying. So, I was very happy when my forever parents picked me up and took me to a quieter home. They are really nice and love me a lot, but neither speak Spanish yet, so I am working on that. You see, they are from the States and my dad is here because of his job. They tell me that we won't always live here, which makes me a little sad because this is my home and I love the warm weather, but I am sure wherever we go next will be exciting too!
I can't wait to meet other dogs and make some new friends, maybe I will even meet some other dogs my size! It's cool being the biggest dog on the beach, but sometimes it is hard to play with little dogs. I have to lay down all the time so that I don't hurt them, and my folks are always telling me to "be gentle". It's just not fair. It also gets pretty lonely being the only pup in the house. Even though my parents take me places to play with other dogs, I really wish they would get me a brother, but mom says no way!
Mom just said it is time to eat, so I have to go. Hope to talk to you soon. Hey, if you have any questions for me, leave me a comment and I will write you back!

1 comment:

  1. I love the picture !
    My human mummy says you are very handsome. I know what it's like to be the biggest dog and to have to "be gentle" all the time. Like you said it is so NOT FAIR!

    Anyway, you know I have a kitty brother but he does not even want to play with me so it does not make any difference when my humans are away !!! Ah well ....

    Talk soon,



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