November 5, 2010

See B Swim

Awww....the beach, this is one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day in the Caribbean. Like I said, I am one lucky dog! I have been swimming for  months now and I am getting better, of course my legs are much longer now so it makes it easier to touch the bottom. I starting swimming one day when I missed my mommy, although I had waded in the waves many times before. You see, she was out on her paddle board while I was playing with some dog friends, and I just started to wonder when she was ever coming back to see me. So, I decided to go see her. I think she was a bit shocked, although really excited to see me swimming in the water. I was pretty tired when I got there, even though it wasn't that far, so I just climbed on top of her board. Now I swim any chance I get, as long as one of my parents are nearby to keep me safe. Mom keeps promising to get me a doggie lifejacket so I can paddle board out really far with her, so when that happens I will let you know. For now, my favorite thing to do is swim out to get my big orange Zanies toy. It is one tough toy, I haven't been able to destroy it yet, plus it floats. Another thing I like to do is find pieces of bamboo or palm fronds and chew those up, but I sometimes get in trouble if I try to eat them. I hope you all have some water to play in nearby. Friends, please do remember to have a human friend around when if you get in the water, even if you are a good swimmer you should follow my doggie safety rules. Until we bark again,

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