January 18, 2011

Branson goes to Crashboat Beach

You all know I love the beach, any beach! Well, as long as the water is warm, I am Puerto Rican after all. However, since getting hit by a rogue wave the other day at Villa Pesquera, I was looking for a calmer beach. I ended up at Crashboat in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I have been there once when I was younger Great Dane, but now I am a big boy. I like this beach because the water is nice and I always find cool stuff to check out.

Like these cool fishing boats....

Or this cute little dog that kept following me around....

Unfortunately, sometimes I also found some bad stuff 
that humans leave behind...

I wish those humans wouldn't be so careless, 
this is such a beautiful beach!

Please remind your humans to pick up their trash! Do any other Great Danes out there love the beach as much as me? I just want our oceans to stay clean so that I always have a safe place to swim.
Until we bark again,


  1. the beach is one of my favoritest places! You look like you have some beautiful beaches to romp on. Lucky!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Hello Branson,

    My mom loves the beach, I've never been to a real "ocean" beach but that's ok since I'm not a water dog at all. It is beautiful there! Such a shame the way the hoomans don't pick up after themselves.

    We you actually born in Puerto Rico Branson?

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  3. Murphy, we have some beautiful beaches, wish you lived closer!

    Kasha, I am indeed Puerto Rican. I was born in San Juan. My mommy and daddy are from the States and my dad works here on the island for the next year and a half. They got me here and now that they are my family I will move around with them. Fun!!

  4. I know of trash left by human at Jones beach an d other long island beaches.


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