March 5, 2011

It's my birthday!

I am a big boy now! I had a fun party when my grandparents were here visiting, so I already have opened all my presents, but mom promises we can go to the beach today and celebrate again. Here is a picture of my birthday cupcake. Can you believe I am one already?

My dad made this for me by chopping some apples, mixing it with my kibble and some peanut butter. He then frosted it with more peanut butter!  It was messy....

but sooo worth it! Do I really only get this once a year? I think I should get dessert everyday, don't you?
I also got some really cool presents...

My grandparents bought me this cool blue monster...

my parents can put a water bottle inside of it for me to crunch on.  I also got this raccoon with no stuffing inside, I guess my mom is tired of cleaning up after all all the stuffed animals I have destroyed!

I stuck my face in this bag! Opening presents is sooo much fun!

I had a great birthday and all the humans said I was a good birthday boy! 

Even so, they made me wear this ridiculous hat!

Until we bark again, 


  1. Happy Birthday Branson!!! Aren't birthdays the best!! You look so regal with your birthday hat on you head...Ha Roo!! I had a birthday in January as well (I'm a much older woman Bol...I turned 9). My mom took pictures but she's lazy and hasn't posted them so check back soon to see them. I'll have to nudge her along to post.

    Enjoy your time at the beach...that stinkin white stuff is coming down here today...heck it's March it should be done snowing already.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  2. Thanks! You are 9, that is so cool! I bet I can learn from you. Hopefully your mom will put some pics up soon!

  3. Happy Barkday Branson! 1 year old is a big milestone...those humans start expectin us to act all mature and everything. Don't listen to em...I didn't!!

    wags,wiggles & slobbers

  4. I am not listening either. It is time to rebel! Murphy, if we were together we would have fun and no human could stop us!
    Wags back at ya!

  5. Hi Branson - how nice to meet you! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - it's always nice to make friends with another Dane - and you are such a handsome boy!

    I hope you will come back to visit me on my blog again - did you see my latests posts about my new kitty sister? DO you like kitties?

    Hope we can be good blog friends! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

    ps. this is just a suggestion but I find it is often better to reply to friends on their own blogs as people don't usually come back to a post they have already read - and so they will usually miss your answers and never know that you responded to them - and you end up sort of just talking to yourself! :-) And then sometimes they don't bother to come back to visit you anymore because they think you didn't respond... Especially in the beginning when you're just starting out and making friends, it's much nicer to just keep visiting each other back & forth. So I usually always go back to their blogs to leave any replies to their comments. That is what most other doggies do too.

  6. Happy belated birthday Branson!
    You are such a handsome guy! Darwin will feel much better knowing she's not the only one who has to wear the birthday hat!


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