June 7, 2011

"So what do you feed that horse?"

Yep, horse! Can you believe people would call me that? I bet all you Great Danes have heard this once or twice. Am I right? Well actually it is a good question, but they could be more sensitive to my feelings! Before my mom and dad even got me they did ALOT of research on what to feed me. They didn't really know what was the best food and there are limited options here on the island, so they decided to have my food shipped in....

I get so excited when the big box arrives!

Through all their research they found some great information about quality dog food and Great Danes, so they decided to feed me Orijen 6Fish. Oh how I love Fish! People often comment on how shiny my coat is and how healthy I look. Orijen 6Fish is a grain-free food that is actually made in Canada. It has no preservatives, corn, rice, or wheat. It does consist of 80% fish and 20% fruits and veggies! Check out the ingredients HERE, as well as see their other products.  FYI...I don't get paid to say this, but I think the company should hire me as a spokesdoggie. :)

Smells delicious!

Now getting it here proved to be a problem at first, as many companies won't ship to Puerto Rico, but we then we found Luke's All Natural Pet Food store! Mommy says they provide great customer service, but I like them because often they send free surprises (the all-natural kind of treats that I can eat)!

Deciding what to feed your pet is a very important decision, especially for us Great Danes that are prone to so many health problems. There are many great options out there that are healthy and that your dog will love. Here are some resources to help with your research....

For Great Dane Owners:
The DOL Great Dane forum is an excellent resource for all your food related question and much, much more.

For everyone:
Check out Dog Food Analysis. This is an independent site that rates and reviews dog food brands. It is an excellent resource for all dog owners.

Another option is to feed a Raw diet and many dogs seem to do well with that. There is great info. on the DOL forum about this too. E-mail me at sunblisslife@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Also be sure to LIKE my Facebook page or sign-up for email notifications of new posts.

Apparently there are 2 schools of thought on how much protein a growing boy like me should have. I tried to get mommy to explain it to me, but it was really confusing. I went to dad for help, but he was worse and started talking about vortex ring state and something about Bernoulli. GHHEEESSSHHH! For more info. see Faust's post HERE on the DOL Forum (you will need to scroll down to the end).  

Until we bark again,


  1. Once or twice? Try almost daily! Im so tired of those comments.
    Darwin's on a grain free fish diet too! She's eating Acana Pacifica.
    One thing, the Large Breed Puppy food isn't good for Danes because there's still too much protein in most. Danes are technically giant breeds, so we were always told to feed Darwin large breed adult food, even as a puppy.

  2. It is rude calling you horse - you are just a big dog - plain and simple. I am so happy to see you are getting food that is good for you. I have terrible food allergies that made me very sick so Mom had to really go hunting to find one I could tolerate.

  3. Wooo! I like the sound of fishy doggie food! Fish is this huskerboo's favorite thing in the whole world!!


  4. Horse, how silly people are! Thanks for sharing your food, Havi had a mess of tummy problems and our readers helped slve them with yummy food. Right now were working on supplements.


  5. I have a dane that eats orijen 6fish too! he loves it. Sometimes i will get a box of The Honest Kitchen's Zeal formula. Is all human grade, grain free, fish is only protein- is a dehydrated food, so might ship better than kibble!

  6. To be honest, after 6 years with my Great Dane, I'm totally tired of the "horse" comments. Every single person that says "you should put a saddle on that thing" actually believe they are the first to think of such a clever comment! LOL.
    My boy, Savage, is on a raw diet and has been since he was a baby. Happy and healthy at 6 and a half years old!


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