June 13, 2011

Treat Time

So a few days ago I shared what I eat for meal time (to read more about that, check out my post "So what do you feed that horse?"), now let's talk treats! Mommy always jokes that I eat healthier than she does and that there are things she eats that she wouldn't feed to her dog, but I don't think that's a joke. She won't let me eat just any treats, so here is a sample of what I CAN eat:

Apples! I love plain apples and get those a lot as treats. Wait, don't horses eat apples too? Maybe those strangers are on to something...do I need a saddle? Green apples are my favorite, but sometimes mommy buys the red ones and they are okay too. Sometimes she makes a plate full of them with peanut butter for her snack, but I found that if I am patient she will share.

I mean really, how could you turn down this face? I know how to work it, don't I? Now my favorite treat that I get on special occasions is a frozen Kong filled with delicious goodies...

I have watched mommy make it and this is what she does:
1. Dabs a little peanut butter on the smaller opening of the Kong and freezes that for a bit.
2. In a bowl she mixes some of my kibble with yogurt. If I have been really good she uses the Greek kind. Yummo!
3. She then stuffs the Kong with the mixture, places it in a cup to keep it from spilling out, and freezes.

Sometimes she will throw some cut up baby carrots in the mix too. I also get plain carrots sometimes as treats, told you I had to eat healthy. Now I have to be really patient while my treat is freezing, but when it is ready I have a blast!

This is a delicious treat here in Puerto Rico since it is always hot! It cools me down and keeps me entertained for awhile so my parents can get some work done. Sometimes I lick my Kong standing up...

Sometimes I like to chill out on the floor with Kong...

And usually I fall asleep after finishing my Kong...

As you can see I love my Kong. I also get some store bought treats on occasion, only if they are grain-free. I like the Wellness brand Venison and Salmon the best, but mom said she is going to make me some homemade baked treats soon! I will keep you posted and share the recipe after they are Branson tested and approved. WOOF!

What is your favorite treat or way to stuff a Kong? Please share and give my humans some ideas....

Until we bark again,
Branson the Great Dane


  1. Havi has some major tummy problems, so she eats specific food. We're gonna chat about it this week!


  2. Darwin doesnt have a Kong, but she does love apples. We'll sometimes core them and put peanut butter in them. She also likes celery sticks with peanut butter and all kinds of fruits. She does not like carrot sticks though.

  3. My favorite is grated carrot in apple sauce frozen in my kong - that is sooooooo good - just make sure you get the sugar free apple sauce - or make your own from fresh apples.

  4. Wow Branson, you have some yum treats. Our dogs always had the constitution of goats and could eat anything. We are feeling very sad at the moment as our sweet little girl Kara has passed to the rainbow bridge. We loved her dearly. She was nearly 13 and we had a wonderful life with her. Hugs to you big fella. Bye for now, love Carol.

  5. Good Morning Branson,

    That sure is one tasty frozen treat got to enjoy. I don't have a kong (well I had one once but wasn't interested in it at all so mom donated it to someone else). I've never even had an apple...boy is my mom mean! I do enjoy bully sticks (but only get them maybe once a month) and I love something called Sam's Yams!! Have a good day.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  6. Hi Branson! Putney and Chey love all fruit but especially cherries right now. The all-time favourites are blackberries and wild raspberries though. They also like (daddy's) ginger biscuits, when they can get at them!

  7. Thanks everyone for the ideas! Celery, applesauce, yams, blackberries...horrah, I haven't tried any of those yet...I hope mom is listening!

    Carol, hugs...I am sorry that you are sad. I would give you slobbery kisses if I were there.

  8. Hi Branson, my mum said to come meet you. My name is Stella. You are sooo big. No worries, and love, Stella

  9. Aren't Danes wonderful. I enjoyed your stories. I will be sure to visit again.

  10. OK, that's it! We are moving to Puerto Rico! That place looks fantastic for us doggies and our hoomans ;) ! Hey, I'm Teal'c from Sydney - just wanted to say hello!

    Ohh - and my person is very mean when it comes to treats... I only get fresh bones and chicken necks and wings... I would love them with some peanut butter on top!

    Slobbers Teal'c

    PS we loooooove those puppy pictures of you!


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