October 1, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Wow everyone! I am so sorry I have been gone for so long! I have been busy playing, sleeping, and having fun at the beach. Right now though I am laid up resting, as I just had stinking surgery. My humans made that mean vet do something to me called neutering. I don't really get it, but the good news is that I get to lay around and mommy and daddy have been loving on me even more than usual. I also had a surgery called gastropexy that I think has something to do with my stomach. My mom said that it will help me if I ever bloat and will hopefully stop my stomach from ever twisting. I hope so, as stomach twisting doesn't sound like fun.

How is everyone else doing? I hope you guys are all having fun and I promise to write soon. I don't really have much else to do since the vet said I can't run and play for 2-3 weeks! Write me if you can and I can live vicariously through you other doggies.



  1. Hi Branson! We've missed your posts. Hope you feel better soon after all that nastiness at the vets' and enjoy all that extra attention!

    From Putney, Cheyne and Pop

  2. Hello Branson, wow oh wow, you must come and visit us. We have had some exciting changes happened in our house since we last spoke to you. I have a new little brother. His name is Rory. I'm sorry to hear about your operation. It doesn't sound like much fun but at least you are getting spoilt even more. That is good for sure. Look forward to more of your adventures. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Branson - big dude !!!! So glad to see you back we have missed you and your beach. Hope to see more posts.

  4. Glad you're healing up nicely. I was just lost for an entire week near your beach. I got scared when I heard gunshots from hunters. Luckily, my mom posted notices and someone found me. Boy is it good to be home and out of the rain! Oh yeah, and eating regular meals, plus extra snacks.

    Your friend Niki

  5. I've been neutered too ! Oops!

    Hope you are OK now and playing and having fun as usual ! How is the weather right now where you live ?



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